Women & Retirement: It’s not too late to get started!

Women & Retirement-Its not too late to get started!

A woman in her late fifties was referred to me because she had just gone through a divorce and she was looking for a new advisor for advice. By all outward appearances, Sandra (not her real name) was a confident woman who had done quite well running her own property management company. But when she […]

Women & Retirement: How to Reduce Financial Fears

Women & Retirement: How to Reduce Financial Fears

Last week, I was talking with a friend and we got to talking about women, money and retirement. She told me how her fifty-five year old cousin is worried about her husband leaving her, and this would put her in a vulnerable financial position. She’s thinking about retiring in the next five years, but is afraid to […]

5 Simple Ways to Stay Connected to God Even When Life Gets Crazy

5 Simple Ways to Stay Connected to God Even When Life Gets Crazy

How is it possible to stay connected to God when you’re super busy, stressed out and overwhelmed by life’s demands? How do you possibly find time to get quiet before the Lord when you barely have time to brush your teeth? Is it possible to feel the presence of God even when you’re too busy […]

How to Use the Power of Your Words to Stop the Enemy in His Tracks

How to use the power of your words to stop the enemy in his tracks

Joyce Meyer has an audio message entitled, Are You Resisting or Assisting the Devil? It’s a powerful question because the answer is key to our health, happiness & prosperity. Joyce’s question is referring to the words we speak and the actions we exhibit. We have an enemy who comes to steal, kill and destroy all of […]

Women & Money – The Reality of Bag Lady Fears

Women & Money - The Reality of Bag Lady Fears

Women’s concerns about retirement revolve around outliving their money. According to the Allianz Women, Money and Power study (2012), “Forty-nine percent of all women, and fifty-six percent of single women, fear ending up broke and homeless in retirement. This is what is known as the Bag Lady fear. The interesting thing is that bag lady […]

Advisors: 3 Ways to Attract New Clients for Long-Term Success

June 6, 2016

marketing and business tips for advisors

Here is an excellent article (written by Joe Anthony) for advisors who want to stay relevant in the current marketplace. I especially like that it points out the wisdom of learning to work with women investors.

My favorite key points:

  • Women control more than half of American personal wealth
  • 70 percent of women would prefer to work with a female advisor
  • The financial services industry is experiencing a talent shortage

This clearly represents an opportunity for the advisor who can read between the lines.

Consider how you relate to and communicate with women investors if you want to thrive in the current feminine economy. Because right now, the typical older white male advisor stereotype isn’t cutting it for the ladies (sorry guys!).

That means there’s less competition for the female advisor, but also for male advisors who can brand themselves effectively as someone who gets women’s money issues.

Enjoy the article!

How I Finally Transformed My Money Story

How I Finally Transformed My Money Story by Patti Fagan

This might surprise you, coming from a financial advisor, but there was a time in my life when I felt completely clueless about money. I didn’t understand how to manage it. I had no concept of how to save or invest it. Personal finances felt like a mystery and a lot of hard work. Quite […]

Success in business requires intense personal development

Being in business for yourself is an inevitable lesson of intense transformation and personal development.

If you are in sales or starting a new business (or even if you’ve been in business for a while), be willing to do the deep work on yourself that is necessary to achieve your dreams and goals.

Be open and available to work on yourself, because nothing changes until you do. The state of a business is merely a reflection of its leader.

Success doesn’t just happen. As you grow, your business and your income grows, too. Be relentless in your pursuit of developing yourself to be the excellent leader God called you to be.